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Posted on: August 2, 2009

Finally I have made my blog public again. Since I had made it private, I found no reasons to write a personal blog. Somehow I always feel that when I write a blog, it is followed by many people and they like reading it. Hope someday this will become true. :). Anyways let me update you with whats happened in my life recently.
Well I am no longer in college. Sadly my college days are over. My four years of vacation is over. It was a difficult time as I was going away from all my friends and more importantly the environment that I had become so accustomed to. However change is the rule of life.
And the change could not have been better. I have now joined a company started by one of our own seniors. It is more of fun then work. It is a very informal company and hence it could not have suited me better. Just yesterday Dabba was mentioning that it was the perfect extension after 4 years of vacation in Durgapur. What is more important to me is I have finally found programming and computer science interesting. Now I spend most of my time gaining more and more knowledge about linux and programming and it is fun. My mind always is filled with things that I am required to do and I am getting more and more confident about programming. So at present my life is going on the right track even after I wasted 4 years without getting any much knowledge. The only useful thing academically I had done during college was used linux. That was again thanks to Dabba. At present I work on perl and javascript. Please forgive me if i get any technical in this blog as nowadays I am more into it then think philosophically. But whenever I get any crazy idea or a feeling, I will mention it over here and keep most of the technical stuff to my other blog which I have started.


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