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Different faces of money

Posted on: February 26, 2011

Had gone to Amoeba with 7 of my school friends whom I met after a long long time. There I played a car race which was Rs. 40 per person. The car race was just 2 laps and around for 5 mins and I hardly knew what I was doing. (I dont know how to drive a real car too). After that we went to Purple Haze. The ambience was great and though only 4 of us drank, we enjoyed the flavored hookha. The bill was Rs. 1629 which included 3 shots of tequila and two pitchers of Beer too. As I had just recently got a new job, everyone was expecting a treat from me but somehow I was not in mood. Hence even though I paid Rs. 500, most of my friends were unhappy. I agree,they had all the rights to be sad. Anyways after hearing friendly abuses from them for being a miser, they dropped me at Marthahalli bridge where I waited in bus stop to catch a bus. While waiting I decided to buy groundnuts just for time pass. There is a boy who sells it at the bus stop and he keeps hitting his metal spatula on the metal pan in which he fries the groundnuts. Since there was some time for the bus to come, I decided talking to the boy. He was hardly 10 years old. He told me that he was from U.P. and his parents are still there. He came to Bangalore so that he can earn for his sister to get married. The trolly was owned by someone else and the owner gives him daily a box of groundnuts which this boy has to sell from Rs. 100. In turn, this boy will get Rs. 1000 per month and a place to sleep and food to eat. If the boy does not make Rs. 100, then the remaining amount will be deducted from his salary. It made me wonder that the boy works just for Rs. 35 per day and I had just spent Rs. 500 in matter of few hours by which I couldnt even satisfy my friends and had spent Rs. 40 for just 5 mins for something which I did not even enjoy and this boy was spending his whole day just to earn Rs. 35. That is what made me think how this boy would react if I had given that Rs. 500 to him. The money was same but what it bought would have been so very different. Hopefully through the “Each One Teach One”, I will be able to make some difference in lives of atleast few of millions of such boys.


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I think we have had a lot of discussion regarding what money means to different people and I keep wondering about it too. I think this video says a lot:
Well, it is very difficult to draw a line between right and wrong in this case. Say for eg, if people became very conscious about spending money and stop going to ameoba, how will ameoba earn money and what will happen to the people who depend on ameoba for their daily bread? Just a thought.

My point was that we are spending money even though we dont enjoy them and by just looking at others. Also I dont think, people working in Amoeba or in any mall in that case, are actually gaining enough for daily bread. The actual people getting rich are the mall owners. So I am sure if Amoeba gets shut down, its employees will find some other suitable work for themselves. When is the last time you went to a hotel and paid huge bills just for the ambience and hence thought the food was great where as the same food with much better taste and hopefully hygiene too could be obtained in a much lesser amount in small hotels. People used to pay for food in hotels but now they pay for ambience.

In my view it all boils down to whether person is njoyin or not with d money he/she has spent. As in viggy’s case he has not njoyed at amoeba…….den its k to consider money is wasted…….but hw abt a cricket fan goes to c Eng vs Ind match at blore for 2000/-? It gives him/her immense pleasure to watch der cricket heroes eithr score runs or take wicket……which by d way can b njoyed frm der home…… sittin in front of TV set.
U cant compare Enjoyemnt with money spent.

P.S. Moongfalliwala dont fry groundnut rather dey Roast

@Tushar lol@fry vs roast

One cannot feel guilty for having money or for spending it. Its tough luck for the boy. But I wouldn’t lose sleep worrying about how I have more money than the beggar in front of my house.

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