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After about one month since I started using Terminator as my regular console, I finally thought that it was time that I wake up from my hibernation and find some solution to the problems i faced in it which were the following:

  • The default font size was very small and I had to increase it to 4 times its size to get a normal font.
  • The colour of text was #AAAAAA, which was very dull.

So finally I searched for some solutions and indeed it was just a few minutes job.
All you need to do is edit the config file of terminator which can generally be found in “${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/terminator/config” (usually “~/.config/terminator/config”). If this file does not exist, create it. Then you just need to add the options that you need for your Terminator. You can find the list of options from the man page of terminator_config
$man terminator_config
So I went through the man page and edited my terminator_config file. Here is what my terminator config file looked after editing.

font = Mono 14
use_theme_colors = false
background_color = black
background_darkness = 0.0
foreground_color = #00FF00
copy_on_selection = true
focus = sloppy
enable_real_transparency = true

So finally my Terminator looked normal and now I dont have any problems using it. Though I still have to do lots of customization like adding a background image.



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