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I am presently thinking of bringing out a collection of music which I like very much. It wont include any voice but just music. For that I mainly had two issues, first to split video files that I had in .avi format and second to split audio files that I had in .mp3 format.

For video files, I used ffmpeg utility

ffmpeg -i input.avi -ss 00:01:10 -t 00:04:45 output_file.avi

where input.avi is the file from which you want to extract the music.
-ss is the start point of the music
-t is the duration from the start time till when the music is to be extracted
output_file.avi is the file in this the extracted music will be stored.

It will be in .avi format only. If required you can also convert it into audio files.
This gave me the exact chunk of the music video that I wanted for collection.

For Audio files, I used mp3splt utility. I used its gui, mp3splt-gtk which is very easy to use.
All I need to do was select the file from which I wanted to extract music. Select two splitpoints, one for the start and second for the end. And select split button given at the top of the gui. Its as simple as that. Since this utility was available in Ubuntu Repository, I didnt have issues even with installing it


I recently has asked my friend to download edubuntu9.10 iso . It was a 3.4 gb iso. After he finished downloading when i had to transfer it to my system, we faced a small problem. His LAN card was not working and we had only 1gb pen drive. So the only option we had was to split the iso into files of size 1gb and then transfer them using pen drive.

command to split a huge file into smaller file.

split -b 1G

is the prefix of the smaller files that will be created.

After I split the files, i transfered each file in to my system and then joined the files using a very simple “cat” command.

Join the files splitted by the above commad.

$cat aa bb cc dd>huge-filename

The above command will join all the files and create the file huge-filename.

I need to test whether the order of the smaller files matters in the cat command. Logic says that it should matter. lemme check it out.

Confirmed it. The order of the smaller files is very importent to get back the original file.

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