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I got this error when I was trying to get my drupal installation authenticate using the local ldap directory. Initially, I had thought that I was getting error because of my ldap settings. Then I enabled error reporting on my site, that is when this error was displayed to me.

This error is caused, I suppose due to the missing package php5-ldap in the system. After I installed this package using apt-get and restarted apache2, LDAP authentication wroked fine.



To run a LDAP server, you need to install slapd package.
To do various work on LDAP, you need libldap and ldap-utils package.

While installing you are asked for a DN, which will be the main path for your LDAP server. IT is something similar to domain names, and the DN that you specify will be the name of the root of your LDAP directory. You will have to access the LDAP server using the DN.


the configuration of the slapd is stored in slapd.conf. This is a good document about slapd configuration file,

Adding data::

Data can be added in the LDAP server using ldapadd and ldapmodify commands. You can either store the different data in a file and then supply the file as an argument to the ldapadd command or directly specify the data in ldapadd command.

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