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I always wanted to do something for him. Through out my life I had seen him sacrificing to keep me happy. These were small things but these were the things due to which I am whatever I am. Very often, there would be one apple and two of us. So to make me eat the full apple, he used to say that he did not like apple. Slowly, he started disliking more and more things for me. He also got too comfortable with his old clothes so that I could have new one. We were not poor but as most of the middle class families, we had limited budgets. I always used to think that when I grow up I will make up for it. After all I was a small boy at that time. What could I have done. I studied hard and got good marks and that was all I could do. Slowly I grew up to be a college boy but still I was small. I did not earn anything but I did spend a lot. We had grown from middle class to upper middle class, so I had the luxury. But I didnt observe the cut downs that he was making. He didnt buy a car so that he could sponsor my graduation. ¬†Then the incident happened. He was¬†diagnosed with a terminal illness. But somehow I had hope. After all he had been a good man through out his life, why would God punish him this way. If anyone had to be punished, it had to me for bullying him to agree my terms. But 2 years later, he passed away and I was left all alone with the huge burden of things I wanted to do for him. Now I dont know what to do with all the plans that I had made for him. I have money now but no one to enjoy it with. I make self sacrifice but that does not bring a smile on anybody’s face. I do not know how to reduce this burden. If only amongst so many things he disliked, I knew one thing he liked. But I never asked. It is now I realize that whatever you want to do for others, it is now or never.

Many of you must have heard about the farmer suicides. Almost everybody must have thought to do something for them. Probably as soon as you reach 40, each one of you want to be a politician or a social worker and change the policies in favour of the farmers. Or probably you are waiting to finish one last project that you are presently involved in. But please realize that it is NOW or NEVER. Inequality is the fastest growing sector in India and we need to arrest it as soon as possible. Farmer suicides have become so common that NEWS channels consider it as a information than a NEWS. Come join us to wake the people of India and save our farmer brothers. Please let us not have to carry the burden of things that we wanted to do for the farmers to our graves. Be there on 26th of March at TownHall at 5 pm. For more information,


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