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Courtesy: Debayan-It was actually his idea as to why Governments should waste so much of money for softwares which is required by each state.

Pooja-She introduced me to this portal.

I have registered my grievance in the Public Grievance Portal successfully and now waiting for their reply and action.

My registration number is MINIT/E/2009/00382

Following is my grievance description:

I feel sorry to see that the hard earned money of people which is collected as income tax by the Central and State Governments and which is also one of the biggest source of revenue is being wasted. Each and every IT Department of all 28 states spend money to build same softwares for their various work. Each state has a Income Tax Department which needs a software to regulate collection of Income Tax. Each state has a Agriculture Department which needs to keep record of all the cultivable land and the different grains being grown there. Each state has a Electricity Department which needs a software to regulate distribution of electricity to different cities and collection of electricity bill in different cities. Each department of the state needs a software to look after their mailing solutions so that each department has its own mail server. Each state has various government schools which all require softwares like operating system, office related softwares and various study softwares for students To sum it all, each of the 28 states of India spends huge money every year to get softwares for each department and maintain these softwares. That means, citizens of India pay 28 times for just one software that is built only once by the software company and resold to every state. This is highly illogical. A simple solution for this is to make all the State Governments to use Free and Open Source Softwares(FOSS). Each government will pay the software companies only to customize the software according to the state needs. This will cost them only 10% of what they are already paying. Since FOSS can be used and customized by any software company this will give a chance for small companies to enter the market and also lead to a very fair competitive market. I hope proper action will be taken to see that such huge amount of money is not wasted and using FOSS becomes compulsory practice in all government institution. Please solve this grievance which is not only mine but also of every Indian citizen as soon as possible.


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