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Viggy’s day OUT!!

Posted on: November 14, 2010

Today I went out with Vivek and Sunny. The plan was that Vivek will bring his friend Sunny and I will bring Tushar with me and both will go to celebrate my joining of Intel and Vivek’s bday. However since I informed Tushar about this plan at the last moment, he was not able to make it. Hence only me, vivek and Sunny were left to enjoy the evening and BOY did we enjoy it.
First, I picked Vivek and Sunny from Jayadeva and then we went in Auto to MG Road. The plan was to go to Oxygen Pub. Vivek has heard a lot about it and even I had always wanted to a pub. So we went to MG road and roamed around a bit before entering Oxygen. I gave the Rs. 900 cover charge and when we entered there were two doors. One led to a lighted hall which had seats all around it and a lot of space in between. However old Hindi songs were being played. The next door led to a disc where Rock songs were being played but it was nearly empty. Only one or two table were occupied and they looked completely drunk. We asked a waiter if this was all as we were disappointed. We were expecting a disc full of couples dancing however we didn’t find any room remotely interesting. Waiter told us that one room was a disc and other was a Girls dance bar. Since the disc was completely empty we thought of trying out the girl’s dance bar. It was truly a dance bar and soon after we entered around 5 girls in Saree which was exposing their hip entered the room and they stood in front of us. They didn’t start dancing yet but they were shaking their hip and clearly trying to entice us. We were feeling very awkward and I was scared to death. I knew that a dance bar was banned in India and didn’t trust these guys to be doing it legally. Hence we all decided to grab a beer ( KF Strong was Rs. 300) to cover our cover charges and run from here soon. Soon people started to pour in the bar and some looked regular chatting with waiters on their way in. And music also changed to latest item songs. The girls had not yet started dancing as such but they were making more movements. One person among the audience took a bundle of Rs. 10 and gave it to waiter nearby. He started dropping it over the head of a girl who was dancing nearby. This made me more awkward. One that money was being dropped in such a way and two that the girls were dancing like that for the money. Soon around 3 more girls came and they also started dancing. Though most of the girls were around 25-30 years old, I noticed one who looked very young and was probably around 20-22 years old. She was beautiful and to see her in this way made me sad. We soon finished our beers and left. Since one of my friend wanted to drink more and it was just around 8, we decided to go to some other pub. As we had heard about Le Rock and we didnt want to try some other unknown pub, we decided to go to Le Rock. The cover charge there was Rs. 400. We were thinking that we wouldnt be able to drink enough to cover the cover charge. However we paid the cover charge and entered. The ambiance looked perfect for a pub and with Bose woofers near our seat, it made sure that we feel every beat of the song. We decided to order a Tower of beer but since it was not there, we ordered a Pitcher and 3 tequilas. However I refused to have a Tequila and Vivek drank mine. We completed one in no time and Vivek ordered one more. Meanwhile we went on with our photoshoot posing in different poses. I was not very with the service there as we had ordered a Potato basket along with our first pitcher and it was brought to us only after we refused to accept the second pitcher if the potato basket was not served soon. Potato basket was really good, especially with Potato’s cut in shape of round faces and some with cream inside them. By this time my head had already started spinning and I was feeling dizzy. This was the first time I had drank so much and even though I didnt have the Tequila shot but even beer was too much for me. I was trying to hold me as much as possible but clearly alcohol does impair your reaction time. In all we had three beer pitchers and the total bill was Rs. 2472. :). And I thought we wouldnt even make it to Rs. 1200. Anyways on our way back we had a fight with an AutoRickshaw driver. He was trying to cheat us by taking a longer route. We took another Auto and were safely back home. So that was my day out with Vivek and Sunny. Overall a wonderful evening with a great new experience of the dance bar. Dont know if I will want to go there again though.

P.S. Since this is the first time I am accepting publicly that I drink beer, if you are one of my relatives please keep it to yourselves. Others can wait to find it out. 🙂


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