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Posted on: November 8, 2010

I have always liked to read small stories which have great meaning and moral behind them. It can be those of Panchatantra or those written by Leo Tolstoy. However many times I find that I forget these stories and hence I will now start documenting them here. It might not necessary be a popular story, even a small incident described by someone in form a story will do for this section. The idea is to keep a record of such instances so that they can be taken as an experience in future to decide something. However as his might clearly lead to some copyright issues, I would like to clearly state here that I am doing this only for the reasons stated above and not for any commercial gains. Also all the content shared by me here will be under CC by SA license if their original sources dont have any problems with that. I would also mention the original sources every time I come to know of it.


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