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Connect to Cisco VPN from Ubuntu 10.04

Posted on: September 30, 2010

Today I was trying to see if I can connect to office VPN from Ubuntu. Hence I tried to google and see if there is already
a solution for the same. I found that for Cisco VPN client, we need to install a package called network-manager-vpnc which is luckily available in Ubuntu repository. After that you need to create a file by any name, say remotevpn.conf in /etc/vpnc folder. In that just add the following contents in it.

Sec gateway
Xauth username
Xauth password

Change the username as needed. After that just run the following command,

vpnc-connect remotevpn # here remotevpn should be replaced by the name
you had given to the conf file.

This will prompt you for a IPSec Secret password. Enter the Group password. Chances are that you might actually have a Encrypted password which you will have to convert into normal password. For that you can use the following site,

After entering the group password, it will prompt you for the password for the username you gave.
Enter the 4 digit password and the 6 digit RSA ID.

Thats it :). You are now connected to VPN network.


1 Response to "Connect to Cisco VPN from Ubuntu 10.04"

I tried this and was able to connect, however when it brings up the tunnel I am unable to get anywhere on the network. Do I have to create static routes for this to work?

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