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Rajneeti-Impressed but could have been better

Posted on: June 13, 2010

After hearing mixed response from people about Rajneeti, I finally found some time to watch it. Though I hardly watch any hindi movies until I hear very good reviews about it, since this was about politics, I wanted to watch it. Strangely Politics and Underworld plots are the only movies that I like to watch in bollywood. Anyways so when I finally sat to watch the movie, I knew from the start that I had like it.
Overall I actually liked the plot. Story was very well written. The script had many instances taken from GODFATHER, like the one in which driver plants the bomb and runs away, keeping a dead body on the bed to threaten a person and also that a foreign returned son has to stay back as his father has been attacked . But many other instances were quite original and i liked it. Even those picked from GODFATHER were very well utilized and credit should be given to the script writer for that.
Characters for the film also was very well chosen and though there were big names in the movie, it was clearly not just to attract their fan followers. Ranbir again impressed me with his acting. Ajay and Nana have always done justice to such type of roles and this was nothing new for them. Among the characters, I was disappointed by the small role given to Naseeruddin Shah. He could definitely be utilized in a much better way. Also Nikhila Trikha, who played the role of Samar’s (Ranbir) mother did not do justice to her role. Especially,in the scene where she goes and talks to Suraj(Ajay Devgan), I could see nothing from her side in the scene. Though that scene had a very small significance in the overall story, but still that scene required much more from her. Why she was selected for the role still mystifies me but a explanation can be found here.

Throughout the story one point is very clear, Mango Man is a complete fool. With all the political drama happening around, Suraj, who was supposed to be representing the Mango Man clearly also becomes a politician and forgets his being a Mango Man. His roots being a Mango Man is again shown at the end where he does not join the side of Samar even when he is offered the highest seat. Also when Katrina comes forward and cries for the injustice done to her, Mango Man supports her and makes her win the election without realizing whether she is the right person for being a CM or whether she will be able to run the government for next 5 years. This is very much true in real life and I guess that is the main idea that Rajneeti wants to spread. Even though this is a democratic country, only members from the so called royal family are chosen as the right person for the royal seats. Also between the fight for seat in the royal family, it is the Mango Man who suffers but still supports the royal family. This can be clearly seen in Maharastra where the fight inside the Thackeray family is clearly the main reason for dividing Mumbai as a city for Maharastrians and not for Biharis.


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