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Why I did not subscribe to Google Adsense?

Posted on: March 1, 2010

Around 4-5 months ago I had an idea of starting a portal dedicated only to all the errors faced by GNU/Linux users. I had thought that if there is one portal where every user can post and search for the error message that he got while using GNU/Linux, sooner or later these portal will become a good database of all the commonly found errors faced while using GNU/Linux. And then I had thought of using Adsense to generate money to maintain portal and if possible make some profit myself.

However the main question that I asked to myself before using Adsense was “Can I restrict the Ads that are displayed through Adsense?” Because I didnt want the portal to end up promote any proprietary softwares through google adsense? I knew about Adbard then, but I did not believe using Adbard would help me earn as much as Adsense. Anyways I thought that google must have some way through which I can restrict some ads or allow only a category of ads. So when I asked this question in the Google Adsense help forum they told me that unfortunately they did not have any category for proprietary softwares. Anyways I figured out Adbard was the only solution for my problem.

I remembered the situation after all these days when I opened a blog by a core developer of Ubuntu Server and I see MIcrosoft Online Services ad, sad isnt it?
Why Open source enthusiasts should not use Google Adsense?


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