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my day, 3rd dec 2009

Posted on: December 3, 2009

got up at 11. went to bank and lodged complaints about my card transfer. while lodging complaint a guy shouts at the bank manager for causing him inconvinience for withdrawing money which was a pretty huge amount about 75k. then went to FOSS.IN and attended talk by debayan. It was a good one and at last I got to know properly what he was working on. Also got my hand on the OLPC laptop, which was very cute. Tried to use it for sometime. Interface was good and would like to get one of it myself someday but it seems that you just cannot buy one. Then went to the KDE Potd hoping to get a kde sweat shirt. Unfortunaetly couldnt get one. :(. Then left in middle of the daily keynote as I had to go to my old room and pay the monthly rent. Then had dinner with my old roomies. Then caught a bus to Shivajinagar to go back home. While reading the novel on the bus, one man apparently indian origin but a US returned( as I guess from his accent) advised me not to read novels while moving on bus as it harms the eyes. I asked him how else I could utilize my precious time while travelling. He couldnt suggest anything. However this has left me with thinking for an idea how to utilize thier time while travelling on bus. FM is not an answer as nowadays it is more crap than songs and it is not productive anyways. Now I am sitting in a cyber cafe. Came to apply in Cisco which I could only using IE 6 or 7. But the webpage is complete crap and it is hosted by merittrac. It does not even load in IE6 properly. Anyways I will have to try somewhere else I guess now. Now I think I will leave for my room. Hope to have fun tomorrow at FOSS.IN.


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