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bash script to telnet

Posted on: October 18, 2009

It is sad that I have found this solution after so many days. It is more sad that I never tried to look for this solution earlier. I must have found it atleast 3 months ago. Anyways now that I have found it, let me tell you what exactly I want to do and how the simple script helps me do it.

I have been playing with qmail and qpsmtpd from last 3-4 months. Now to test my set-up, I used to telnet to the port and then used to enter different telnet commands and used to watch the logs simultaneously to get errors.
Now everytime I used to enter the commands manually and that too I couldnt just go to history and execute it as telnet does not support storing commands in history.
Anyway finally today I got fed up of it and I thought let me see if there is a solution so that I dont have to enter commands manually. I didnt expect a solution. But when I searched for it, I found that it was so easy to do it. You just need to execute the following command.
./ | telnet

and the contents of is given below:
echo open $host $port
sleep 10
echo helo
sleep 10
echo mail from:test2@domain
sleep 10
echo rcpt to:test3@domain
sleep 50
echo data
sleep 10
echo checking
echo .
sleep 10
echo quit

You can customize the script to anything that will make your life easier with telnet. I found this solution here,

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