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how to download an ftp link from browser

Posted on: October 4, 2009

Let me first describe what was the problem faced by me?

I was in my friend’s laptop and ssh-ed in my system. Now i wanted to download a tar file from internet to my system. The link mentioned was a ftp link. When i tried to use wget, I got a permissioned denied error. So I was left with 2 options, either to download it in my friend’s lappy and then scp it into my system or download it using link2 console WWW browser. I chose the later even though it was my first time to try that.

First after starting links2 in console, using links2 command, we need to open the link where the download link is present. For that, the shortcut-key to get address bar is “g”. (Note that I first tried to directly open the ftp link assuming that it would directly download the file, but instead I came to know that links2 actaully tries to open that as a page and hence file does not get downloaded, hence no use). Now after you have entered the web-page, go to the download link. Now you can download the file by using the shorcut-key “d”. It gives you an option to rename the file that is being downloaded. After you have given it a suitable name, you are ready to download it. Note that the file is downloaded in the present working directory(the directory from where you executed the links2 command).
Also let me mention here that “esc” is the key to get the toolbar in links2 browser.


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