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dimesnions of life, luck in particular

Posted on: April 22, 2009

A point has no dimensions. A line has a single dimension. A square has 2 dimensions. A plane has three dimensions. More the dimensions, more the complexity of that entity. Life is such a complex entity. Imagine its number of dimensions. It might be countless but somehow the way in which nature runs, it makes me feel that it is not infinity. May be it is an enity with variable dimensions. Interesting. With life having so many features by itself, i am sure, it can be divided into smaller parts which have less dimensions and hence less complex. For example, How much a child is gonna weigh after about 5 years from now, can be decided by its food habits, daily habits and many more parameters. Again we might end up with having lots of parameters to play with but it is definitely less then the number of parameters on which life is dependent as a whole. Infact the parameters of life themselves are entities which have thier own parameters, which again are entities which have thier own parameters and so on. My present intentions are to concentrate on parameters that luck depend on. I have found 2 importent parameters. One is hard work. This one i got it from one of my favorite quote-harder u try, luckier u get. Second parameter is a more vague parameter. Or u can call it as an entity by itself. It is the fight between ur brain and ur conscience. U can lie to everybody in this world, sometimes even to urself. But u will realize it someday. What u do after that realization is the parameter that i am considering. will elaborate on it some other day. let me see if i can find more parameters to find the equations of luck.


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