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story of the road, white line and bus tyre.

Posted on: February 16, 2009

right from my childhood, i used to hear how different people used to disconver great facts just by a simple incident in natre that they observed during their daily life. For example, Newton discovered gravity just because an apple fell on his head. Thats why i always used to try to observe simple things while i used travel or when i was free and sitting idle, imagining that i would also discover something big. Yesterday when we were travelling by bus to Howrah, i was trying to observe the white line on the edge of the road which followed the road indefinitely. Even though, i always wanted to make a great scientifc discovery but what i observed was a solution to one of my personal problem. I have devised a story to explain my observation.
the 3 characters in my story are, the road, the white line and the bus tyre. Now since the bus tyre is regular on the road, it is a good friend of the road and constantly keeps in touch with it. Also since the white line is on the road also, it also has a good relationship with the road.

Once when the bus tyre was travelling on the road, it observes that wherever it goes on the road, the white line reaces there before it. The bus tyre increases its speed and goes very fast but it still finds that white line has also increases its speed. And how much ever fast it tries to travel, the speed of white line increases accordingly. Getting very frustrated, the bus tyre tries to remove white line from the road. It goes to the side of road and tries to cover the white line with dust and it succeeds to some extent. quite happy with this effort the bus tyre continues its journey but it gets shocked on seeing the white line again racing it. It gets so frustrated that it stops over the white line and starts rotating so fast by applying break that it makes a hole in the road and white line gets rubbed off. In this process, the tyre also is quite injured as it had to feel the pressure of rotating so fast. But it is happy with the result as it had managed to rub off the white line. So it again continues its journey. But it again is shocked as the white line was still racing it away. Frustrated, the bus tyre accepts its defeat.

After travelling for few more kilometers, the tyre observes that the road ahead was not good. It had many potholes as there was some construction work going on nearby. So the bus tyre decides to take a bypass route which would lead to the same road ahead by a different route. So it follows that route and it sees that there is no white line on this road. It feels very happy but since this road is not that same road, it is not very comfortable with this. However after some time, it again joins the road in which it was travelling earlier and feels very comfortable. But it observes that the white line is still racing it.

That is when it realized what a fool it was. It always envied the realtionship of the white line and the road as the white line always was there with the road but it couldnt be. The tyre realized the result of his earlier activities. In order to cover the white line, it had put dust over the road making the road look dirty. In order to rub off the white line it had created a hole on the road hurting not only itself but also the road. Also when the road was not good, it had easily changed its route forgetting its relaionship with the road but the white line had not left the road. the tyre felt very guilty that day.


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