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shani dev – the planet or god responsible for bad luck

Posted on: February 4, 2009

I was told this time by my aunty that my bad time thanks to Shani Dev will start in around 6 months and it will be there for around 7 years. This made me scary at start but then i started thinking about it. I came to following conclusion.
If my bad time should start, that should be because I had done something wrong in the past and thats why i will suffer for it. I am not talking about last birth’s sins but things that i didnt do in this birth which i should have done. Like the way i wasted my engineering life without gaining any knowledge. I am sure, due to that reason i will suffer in future. However this also made me think that if my next r going to be very bad for me, then the time after that will be very good for me. Hence I came to the conclusion that what i will be doing during my bad time is actually right and that is what will bring good time for me.

P.S. writing blog in a haste, so the blog might not be very good.


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