My 2 paisas

9th dec

Posted on: December 11, 2008

we went and met Sanyal Sir at 10. He was expecting some report from us but we had gone there empty handed. In the meeting he also set a deadline of 15th dec to submit sometype of paper on cluster computing. Then we told him that we wanted minimum of 3 computers to create a cluster. For this he asked to wait for Rajkumar sir who would provide us computers. he came at 11’0 clock. he asked us select any computers from the lab.some computers had 3 NIC which was very good for us as we needed minimum 2 NIC in the server. we were more lucky as i found a computer with Fedora 8 OS. we decided to make it as our server. then i installed the oscar packages as was given in the installation guide. but we needed a switch to install oscar in client nodes. so we decided to call it a day. then i came back to room and played aoe. and then watched mahabharath. in the evening, sandeep,santya and kiran went to bench. i wasnt interested as i was very tired. i had plans to go to LH more for dinner. but when they came back, they told me that it was Aunty’s shop was closed. So then i decided to prepare Maggi. I had a half packet Maggi. I prepared maggi from it. it was much better than last time. after dinner i again played aoe for sometime and watched mahabharath. then went to sleep.


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