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spirit of media

Posted on: December 9, 2008

after the mumbai incident, i got into the habit of watching the videos displayed on “The Times Of India” web page. i would get the latest update on the mumbai incident and how the world is reacting to it. however today when i looked at the video section, the first video wasnt about the mumbai incident. Ironically it was about Katrina Kaif being the sexiest woman for Bristish Inidans according to some poll. That is when i realized the spirit of media which is very much similar to spirit of mumbai. Mumbaikars return back to their normal life even after there is a chain of train blasts the previous day. Similarlly media return backs to the glamour world as soon as possible even after an incidents like Taj-Oberoi hostage situation. Well i think viewers and readers do like glamour more than life-security unlike me.


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