My 2 paisas

8th dec

Posted on: December 8, 2008

got up at 9:45 after Tanamay woke me up. we had decided to go and meet Sanyal Sir at 10. However just before getting up i was having a dream that i had scored 9.23 in 7th sem. this might have been because of Tanmay constantly saying that it was 9:45 already. somehow i always feel that dreams are always related to what is happening to us at that particular moment. like if someone is throwing water on us while sleeping, we dream that we are drowning or playing rain or something like that.
well we went to dept at 10 and waited for around 30 mins. after that we asked someone in dept where Sanyal Sir was. he told us that Sir was attending the seminar on CERN. So we decided to come back at 3.
when we went at 3, Sanyal Sir was busy with seminars of MCA. after sometime he came out and he saw us waiting for him. he asked us to come at 10. so have to go and meet him tomorrow at 10. then i came back and watched The Lion King- part 2. then started playing AOE. after that went to have dinner at LH more alongwith Santya and Kiran and had Maggi and Bun-Omelette as there was nothing else. then came to room and after sometime went to play Football alongwith Sattu,Ankush, Doon, Harry, Mrinal and others. enjoyed it very much. the teams were North and sandeep vs rest(me,Usuf,Mrinal, Basant and Tudu). we won 6-2. came back at around 1. then after some time went to sleep.


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