My 2 paisas

7th dec

Posted on: December 8, 2008

quite a good day. after trying to install CentOS for 3 times yesterday, i finally gave up and installed Fedora 8 in Bacchas’s CPU. Even that took me 3 times before Fedora was installed successfully. After that, i tried installing basic softwares in it. wasnt successful initially. VLC and SMPLAYER had libpulse dependency problem. after trying for some more time unsuccessfully, i gave up. However then i tried to install OSCAR using the tutorial given in its site. was successful till here. wasnt able to continue as i needed another NIC for that.So I shifted to Windows to play AOE and watch movies. Watched The Lion King-part 1. Downloaded full series of mahabharat which was of total size 22.4gb. then went to LH more to have dinner. then after coming back started watching first episode of mahabharat. then went to sleep.


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