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the dark knight —- viggy’s review

Posted on: November 16, 2008

I saw the movie about 1-2 months after its release. I was waiting for its DvdRip. I think it is better if i leave the review of the movie to professionals as i wont be able to do justice. I would just say that it is very good as it not only contains every aspect of a movie but all excels in it. Story, sound, dailogues, acting. Everything to perfect. No doubt it is in top 5 in IMDB.

I would like to discuss the role of Joker here. Joker is shown in the movie as a villian who does not do bad stuff for a reason. He does it only because he enjoys it. He doesnt want to earn money or gain power. He just wants to create a chaos. I think he is a saddist and he thinks that every human being in the city just lives for himself without caring about others and they are ready to kill each other to save their own ass. He conducts a what he calls as a social experiment where he keeps bombs in two ferries, one containing civilians and another containing criminals from a jail. He keeps the detonator of the bomb in the ferry containing civilians in the ferry containing criminals and vice versa. Now he says that if either one of them doesnt kill other then he will blow both the ferries. Joker expects both the bombs to explode or at least one to explode and if it did it would prove his idea. However this does not happen and no one from either ferry is interested in blowing other ferry just to save themselves. Strangely i feel that the Joker had not exchanged the detonator and if anyone had tried to blow the other ferry they would end up blowing their own ferry. However i will never come to know whether what i think is right.
I think Joker is not a murderer but he is not afraid of killing anyone who comes in his path. the only problem was that he had chosen a wrong path. This made me think what if Joker hadnt chosen the wrong path. What if he was a person who was ready to kill anyone who comes in his path and his path was to keep the city and world safe and make it a happy place to live. He was perfect for it. He didnt have any dependent and he didnt have any motive other than just creating chaos. So if he had chosen a correct motive, then he would have been a perfect hero.

There is another aspect of the movie which i should mention. The DA of Gotham who also is the present boy friend of Rachel, who is the ex-girl friend of Batman. Batman wanted him to make the new hero of the city who was more real and had deserved to be called hero as he just did his job perfectly and wasnt afraid of its consequences. However there was one problem. He was and had a dependent, Rachel. And this dependency was his weak point which the joker exploited.


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