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gurunanak jayanti

Posted on: November 13, 2008

well i am a great believer in destiny and i think today was a very good example of it. Somehow i slept yesterday at 10 and woke up at 9(am and not pm). then i found santya’s compu unattended and so i sat there and logged in gmail. as soon as i logged in, Shainky pinged me and we chatted for some time. she told me that she was planning to go to Langar held at gurudwara as it was Gurunanak Jayanthi and she invited me to come along with her group. I wasnt very interested at first, but later when she told that Sultan and Singla would go, i also thought of going. Then i invited Dabba to come along with us and so he also joined us, ofcourse with his better half,Dhakan.

We reached gurudwara and bowed in front of GuruGrantSahib, the holy book of Sikhs. Then we sat little while to listen to the songs that were being sung by the group at the dias. It was nice soothing music. After listening to it for 10 mins, we got up to join the queue for the people who were waiting for the langar lunch. Our plan was to become volenteers first, and after some time to have our lunch. However it wasnt as easy as we had planned. Very obviously there were many volenteers there and so we were asked to wait. The wait as always was very long and what made it longer was that the wait for really around 45 mins long. And after we crossed the first gate, we not only had to wait longer but we started suffocating also. However it was totally worth it.

Firstly, I got to see Baccha in suit and she really looked beautiful. Secondly, I got to do what i always like, volenteer. Thirdly, it reminded me my days in mangalore car festival where i used to volenteer to distribute food items. ofcourse there i used to distribute the one which is most easy, the laddo, u just give one to each and people are ready with their hands cupped to catch it. But with curry items, it is difficult as u have to serv the right amount and also keep asking if they require more of it. However today i selected the difficult part as there was no easy way out. So i started distributing daal. I distributed for around 15 mins and then sat for lunch myself.

Lunch consisted of roti, daal, aalo ki sabji, rice and prasad. It was very tasty and since we were very hungry, the food became more tastier. After lunch, i again started distributing for some time and then we came back to hostel.

If i had not slept early last night, i wouldnt get the chance to visit langar at all.


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