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Posted on: November 10, 2008

i was thinking about should i also maintain a secret blog unknown to anyone other than me. but i didnt find any reason to do so. infact i found why it will be a mistake for me to do so. as far as i know myself, i keep very little secret inside my stomach and most of “should be kept” secrets are known to one or other friends of mine. so it is deffinetly not a reason for me to maintain such a blog. another reason why someone can maintain a blog is to write down some of the most bad things he has imagined or would like to do but isnt allowed to do in normal life. but then, i think, if those are bad things why should anyone think about it, more-over spend time thinking and writing about it in a blog. while thinking this is when i realized that the most horrible things done or imagined by one which he would like to keep it as a secret are the ones he committed when he was alone.

this reminded me of the shloka in sanskrit–” the crime committed when one is alone, is the one which haunts the person most”.

that is one plus point i feel christianity has. their tradition of confession in church is very good to get free from such horrible experiences.


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