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condition better than last time

Posted on: October 21, 2008

last time i wrote in this blog, i was feeling very sad and disappointed with life. this time the situation has not improved any better. but i know the reason why i am feeling so. i havent been doing any good with my studies and that is why being treated as a waste body by everyone. however as always i am waiting for my time and i know it is going to come soon. just need to be very careful so that i dont do anything very foolish so that i loose any good friends. just want to complete my final year as soon as possible with some passing marks. have got bored of this daily life of leaving without any purpose. present plan is to start studying for CAT but again finding very little interest to do so. however the good thing that has happened between the last time i wrote in this blog and now is, i have gained good information about share market and trading. will try to collect more and more info about it.


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