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My campus placement record— mostly about how i got rejected in different companies :(

Posted on: September 4, 2008

26th March — TCS(package–Rs. 3.15 Lakhs pa)
TCS was the first company to come for recruitment for our year in the college and also the first company that i tried for. So my journey of campus placement started from it. Written was cool and easy, a piece of cake in fact. Most of the questions were easy and verbal section which i have always been weak had already answers marked in the question paper. So i got selected for interview. It was my first interview since my interview of NTSE which was way back in 2003. So i was little nervous, what made me more nervous was the wait of around 6-7 hours. So when i my name was called at last for the interview, I just wanted to go and give the interview and finish it off and i no longer thought of the result. The interview room was a big hall with around 5 tables kept little away from each other. So at a time, 5 students were being interviewed by 5 different panels. I was interviewed by a panel which consisted of 2 members. Both of them looked friendly. But I was so nervous, that when I was asked to tell about myself, I simply babbled something which overall had very little sense. I first told about my branch and some personal details. Then i told them about my schooling which obviously wasnt at all needed. I told them something about studying in Varanasi and Hubli. Then I started telling them that I am interested in Opensource projects and that I am an active member of NITDGPLUG. While telling them this, I was so nervous that i forgot the name “NITDGPLUG” and had to think for few seconds before telling them the name. This must have given them an idea how active member I was of NITDGPLUG. Then I told them about my intrests in Sudoku and puzzle solving. When I said so, one of the interviewer said that he will ask me a puzzle. He asked me about the why -1=1 when you find its square and then square root them again. I just told him that since we were finding the square-root of a number we were bringing the possiblity of both positive and negative numbers into the answer and only one of them is right, which in this case is 1. Then he asked me if i knew C and C++ programming languages. I told him yes and so he asked me the definitions of some technical features of C++. I told him in my own words, some of them right and those which i didnt knew properly, i told him how much I knew and then said that i didnt know anything more. Then he asked me to write a program to sort an array using bubble-sort. I wrote some code, but didnt check it with any values. Then he asked me if I was sure and then he asked me to check it once using an example and also explain it to him. When I tried to explain it to him using an example, i found that i hadnt written that program correctly and i tried to correct it. He gave me some more time to correct it and asked me to explain it again. After that, He told me to always check a program with an example before saying it is right. The he asked me what subjects i have learnt in my college. I told him mot of the subjects i had learnt till then. He asked me if I knew DBMS properly, I said no. The he asked what else I knew. I told about OS and unix. I told them that i have been using Opensuse10.3 regularly. They asked me many questions from Unix and its commands. I asnwered most of them as i had used most of them myself. Well that was the end of interview. I had very less hope of getting into TCS after the interview because i knew that i had screwed it big time. The only hope I had was that i am from Comp Sci and they might give some preference to me. And that is what happened. TCS took 200 students from our college and I was one of them.
30th July—Tejas Networks(package-Rs.5.5 Lakhs pa)
Well Reddy had asked me to prepare seriously for this company as he had said that not many prefer it and there is a very good chance of getting into it if i knew networks properly. I had taken his suggestion seriously and had studied networks lectures in holidays. However, I wasnt eligible to sit in it when it visited our college as it had kept a cut-off of 7.5 CGPA. So it rejected me.
4th August—NOVELL(package-Rs.6 Lakhs pa)
Before Novell came to our college, there was a lot of confusion in our department. It seems that Novell had asked for a list of 40 students available and ofcourse these 40 students were selected on the basis of their CGPA. And i stand at 52nd-53rd position in our dept according to CGPA. and since some of them werent intrested and some of them had got placed in Tejas, I had somehow reached the 44th position and still had to convince 4 students above me in the list, to not to appear for the company so that i cold get a place in the list. However i wasnt interested in any such business. But still i thought of atending the PPT of Novell and in the PPT, no conditions were told and hence i was able to write the written exam. Actually, according to me, this was the only company in which i had a very very bleak chance of getting selected as i had tried to do an internship in Novell during summer, though i hadnt done anything useful. However written according to me was easy and there was also an essay to write about linux in it. So i wrote about how i have been using linux for past 8 months and reason why i was relutant to shift to linux because of addiction to AOE and blah blah….. End result was that i couldnt clear its written. So again I got rejected.

SAMSUNG– wasnt interested as i didnt like the work we had to do there.
CSC–wasnt interested as its package was very less.
AMAZON–wasnt allowed to sit. because of low CGPA.
MICROSOFT–since the written was subjective, couldnt clear it.
ONMOBILE–had lots of hopes to get into it as the its written consisted of only puzzles. luckily cleared the first round, but i did it only because i had copied the answers from Shilpa. however my puzzle solving ability was tested and i came to know the reality in the second round. I didnt clear it and i was sure of it after the test itself.


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