My 2 paisas

My 20th bday

Posted on: September 1, 2008

Well my bday didnt start very well as I had badly injured my foot during the evening and then when my dear friends showered their love in form of GPLs, it was just like a applying salt on a burn. However when i saw the 2 cakes kept beside eachother, I really felt very good for a moment. I remembered the days of my school where the bday boys and girls would stand together on one part f the stage and others would sing the bday song for them. I was sharing my bday party with someone after many years and I felt really special. Well that was just the start of my wonderful bday. After the party, I watched the movie 1971, a movie about the Indian prisoners of war of the 1971 war and how they are tortured in pakistani prisons.
Then in the morning, VT asked me if i was interested in going to 89 cinemas to watch “Rock On”. Even though it is a wonderful movie, I wasnt interested in watching it again(I had already watched it 2 days ago). So I again went back to sleep. And around 12:30 i got Dabba askes me to come to CC from where he had decided to go to Panagarh dhaba which around 30 mins form there. Since I wasnt interested in having lunch in mess or in jupes or in techno as that would mean more GPLs, I immediately agreed. Then I alongwith Manish and Topo joined Dabba, Gautam and VT in CC. Then we climbed on the top of the bus, not caring about the sun who was showing his full power. After we reached the dhaba, the first impression of everyone except me wasnt very good. Since i was the only one who had been there earlier, I tried to encourage them by saying that the food which to other’s disappointment was only vegetarian, was very good and it was worth the trouble we had taken. When the waiter told us about the menu, I was surprised. The dhaba offered only 4 type of sabjis and no paneer items. Well we took it as our fate and ordered the sabjis. Again to our disaapointment, the food quality wasnt very good. However we ate our stomach full and ordered lassis, which wasnt again not very good and lacked the thickness that the dhabas are famous for. Then after paying the bills, we waited for the bus. This time, Dabba asked everyone to enter inside the bus but when we were climbing the bus, the bus-driver who was in a hurry started the bus and VT and Gautam couldnt board the bus. We got down at CC and then decied to have fruit juices till VT and Gautam come by the next bus. After we had our juices, we called them and they told us that they were coming back on a truck and they would directly go to college. So we decied to go back to college and suddenly we noticed that a group of around 100 girls were coming towards us. Well for a moment everyone was shocked. Then we decided to have a good look at all the girls and so we stood on a side as all the girls passed by. They were being lead by a Professor and mostly they were first year girls of some college who had come for shopping with their prof to avoid ragging. However, as most of us are frustated enough,, we decided to follow them and we entered Big B. But as soon as they entered Big B, they spreaded and we werent able to talk to any one of them. So disappointed we decided to go back to college. However our adventure wasnt over. On the way, some drunk guy started following us. He asked Manish if he had worked in any movie recently and he looked like some Kapoor whose movie was recently released. Apparently he was talking about Ranbir Kapoor. However, we asked him to go back to his house and asked him to stop following us. However he was very reluctent and we were about to thrash him badly, but he stopped and went back.
I was very tired after this trip to dhaba and was very reluctent to meet Baccha. But since I also had to go to temple and I wanted to spent sometime with her during my Bday, I went to meet her at 7 at LH more. We went to Kali Bari(Benachity) in a cycle rickshaw. She was reluctent to enter the temple but again i had to force her to enter the temple. While i was praying near the shrine, she was standing near the enterance like a student who is made to stand in the staff-room as a punishment(I have experienced it ). Then we caught a bus and went to her favourite eating place in CC, Wonder-Vatika. All the time we were there, i was wondering why she liked this vatika so much. However from there we went to CCD and after requesting to have something, she gave her order. Just when we got what we had ordered, I got a call from Santya asking me to bring bday cake for Pa2, as we had to celebrate his bday in the night. After buying the cake, I left her at her hostel and returned back to my room. And i thought it was the end of all the importent events of my bday. But it wasnt. At around 11:45, I just thought of checking my mails and in my inbox I saw that, the patch which i had submitted for a bug in evolution around 2 weeks ago had been accepted and it was added in a revision to the trunk version of evolution. Also my name was mentioned in the Change Log file. What a perfect ending of an wonderful bday.


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