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Happy Days– did not make me very happy

Posted on: September 1, 2008

When I downloaded the movie from dc++, as I had heard very good comments from non-gulty friends. That was the main reason why i thought of watching it. I had great expectations from the movie but unfortunately, it was not upto my expectations.
The story is about 8 students,4 boys and 4 girls who have just joined an engineering college. They become friends because of the ragging process that they face and in very little time they become very close friends. Till now, it was fine. But then the ragging gets intensified and surprisingly, one of them slaps a senior. That was the first incident which took the film away from reality. And the reason was because even the senior was behind the girl and he was using seniority funda and forcing her to come with him for a movie. And amazingly, to settle this matter between juniors and seniors, someone i dont know whom, comes in between and arranges a meeting and in that meeting they decide to settle this matter in a way simple manner, a cricket match. Well i suppose everyone had just watched Lagaan and when Britishers can agree to decide matters by the result of a cricket match, then why shouldnt the college students follow the same. After all, for every system in India, we follow the British style. Well my disappointment doesnt end here.
During the cricket match, in which the seniors have State level players(as in all movies), there is a fat boy in the senior team and to lure him, what the juniors do is throw a boiled egg on the ground in which they mix some drugs (I dont know which one, but i surely would buy loads of those drugs!!). And the fat boy picks it up from the ground during the match and eats it(what happened to hygiene!). The effect of the drug is that instead of fielding the ball, he kicks it outside the boundary line(Sorry, i forgot to say, The fat boy is fielding at boundary!!Imagine Inzamam ul haq fielding at boundary, India would have won so many matches). And after all this, junior team wins the match and guess what it is the end of their ragging period. You see, we werent so lucky. Even our year guys had won the college cricket tournament in first year but till then our ragging period was already over :(.
After all this bullshit which made me loose all the interest I had on the movie, the story goes on like any other movie involving friends. there is some difference among friends and then they fight amongt eachother. In between there is also fight in between all the couples and blah blah blah.
The only good thing that i found was the way they show how all these friends in their final year, concentrate on their futures and the way they show how all of them are sad for leaving the college. Well i might have liked it because even now i am in my final year of engineering. However i always try to find some good point in any thing, and this is what i found in this movie.
Also please remember that i have not discussed about the boy is in love with a senior right from the first day of the college and how one of them proposes a college teacher who reacts by showing him a box which contains all the love letters she recieved from her students(hehehehehe) and also the way the placements are held in their college.

In short, I would say even though the frist 15 mins and the last half an hour was good enough and the theme was wonderful and different, the writer sadly fucked the story in middle.

I would give it a rating of 5/10. But again the theme was good but it was badly put into a story.


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