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what i counldnt do in around 15 days, was done in one hour

Posted on: July 28, 2008

today atlast i have fixed the bug in Evolution . I had tried fixing this bug in my holidays for around 15 days. But due to some or other reason evolution used to crash with whatever code i had written. At the beginning, I was trying to destroy the categories-dailog and restart it. But later, after jjonny’s advice, I tried to reorder the list instead of restarting the dailog. But still I was not able to write any correct code. However, today I dont know how I did it.

I slept at around 2 am(strange considering that i had spent night-outs for last 8 days). I was feeling so sleepy that i thought it was best to sleep. But I woke up at 4:45 am. Since I had nothing to do for entertainment(due to some missing dependencies, I have not been able to install any video player in Opensuse 11), I thought I should try to fix the bug. So I again started to write fresh code to fix the bug, as I had re-installed Opensuse and due to my foolishness, I had lost all my previous codes. After about half an hour, I had completed writing about 15 lines of code which was very similar to codes that i had tried earlier. And when i re-builded Evolution, strangely the bug was fixed.

Ofcourse, now i have to see whether my patch will be accepted. If it is accepted, then it will be my first bug that i have fixed successfully. let us see.


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