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Posted on: July 20, 2008

today Debayan made an excellent comparison of soul and body with software and hardware. it made so much sense. if hardware stops working, software disappears. but without software, hardware does not have any purpose. it is just some matter. but with software, it gains a purpose and becomes a machine. similarly, body without soul(after death) is just some matter without any purpose. but when body is alive, it runs due to some software which we call as soul. ofcourse, the software associated with the body is highly architecture specific and its future highly depends on the environment in which the hardware is present. also, the software continuosly changes the hardware. now getting more deeper, let us think about the main memory and secondary memory. I think the role of main memory and secondary memory is played by heart and brain, not necessarily in same order. ofcourse, what is what changes from person to person. people keeping everything in their heart and listening to brain, use brain as main memory and heart as secondary memory. but people using their brain to store memories and who listen to their heart, use heart as main memory and brain as secondary memory.
another importent observation is that there is no restart option. you can just put it to stand by for sometime by sleeping or you can shutdown only once.


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