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Posted on: June 5, 2008

I just completed watching all 3 parts of Godfather. No doubt they are counted in the list of best movies ever made. Wonderful story and so well directed and acted. Over all a very good movie. I was just thinking about the way it ended. Michael lost his daughter whom he had always thought of protecting. I am going to describe about some roles in the movie and how i understood them.

I think about the 3 gangsters, Vito Corleone, Santino Corleone and Micheal Coleone. Vito Corleone was a very good person by heart and i liked the way he ruled. His decision to go against supporting Drug dealing was right but as we know it had very bad consequences on him and his family. This again raises an importent moral question. Can a person try to be good while working along with bad persons? This is a very importent question and i am sure you would agree with me if i say that a definite yes or no for this question cannot be given. Santino, on the other hand,was a person who loved his family very much, but he was a person who had power but not the patience to think before useing it which ultimately made him loose his life.

Now the main character, Micheal Corleone, a gangster who never wanted to be a gangster, but had to become a gangster to protect his family. He liked his father very much but didnt like his father’s work. But still he got involved when his father needed him. So now let me share with you the moral question that i have always been thinking about. What do you do when someone whom you like very much but is superior to you (in some or other way) is doing wrong? You have only 2 option, either support him in whatever wrong deed he is doing or leave him and try to lead your own life leaving all concerns about the person. Micheal’s daughter choose the first option and was killed whereas his son choose the second option and became a good musician. Both loved their father very much but choose different way to show their love. So which is right? What would his son do if Micheal was shot instead of his daughter and was badly injured?

We find similar examples in both Ramayan and Mahabharta. In Ramayan, we see how Bharath cuts off all his relationship with his mother for being so unjust to his brother Ram. Where as in Mahabharta, due to the support Dhritarastra gives to his son, Duryodhana, he loses not only all his sons but also his dynasty is washed off completely. So history and also as in Godfather suggests that, it is always good for you to leave a person who is very much involved in his bad deeds.


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