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re-installed suse, due to some bonobo-slay problem

Posted on: May 16, 2008

Well the problem i faced is exactly the same as descibed here.
Of course, the only difference was that i use opensuse10.3 distro and gnome as my desktop manager.

it all started when i tried to upgrade “Evolution” manually. But it had some dependencies missing, one of which was some bonobo file. i found it thru google and tried to manually install it also. however again i got some missing dependencies. and so i left it thinking i will try it later.
however when i started my laptop the next day, it worked perfectly well till the login screen. after i logged in as user, i got a pop-up message same as described in above link. unfortunate as i was, i didnt have internet connection that time and so couldnt search about it on the net. however i tried few things like the command bonobo-slay which was suggested in the pop-up message. however it didnt help. so then i thought of using the second suggestion mentioned in the pop-up which was to re-install “Nautilus”(it is a file manager, similar to explorer in windows). now since i had no idea how to reinstall a software in linux thru a terminal, so i tried experimenting with zypper command. i tried the command “zypper install nautilus” which gave the result as nautilus was already installed which was obvious. then i read the manual of zypper, in which it was mentioned that to remove a software i could use rm command. and what i did next costed me about 2 days and due to which i had to reinstall suse. i tried the command “zypper rm nautilus which asked me to confirm and also mentioned that it would free about 500mb of space. i should have cancelled the command as it was obvious that it would remove many more files but in my haste, i confirmed it and slowly i saw as many files related to gnome was removed. i then knew that i will have to re-install suse very soon. that was when i realized something else. i had not brought the opensuse10.3 dvd while coming back home. well i knew, i was in a very bad situation. so immediately i called my bro and asked if he could arrange a suse dvd from his friends. he told me that his friends had only Fedora8 dvd and i might get it after a week. well i accepted it as my worst case.
so again i started experimenting. in the evening, as soon as it was 9pm, i started my bro’s desktop which is in a very bad shape as it gets shut down automatically without any warning(sometimes doesnt even allow me to complete a single AOE match), i searched about the problem in google and that is when i found the above link. i tried as was told in the link. however i didnt know how to re-install nautilus-data, so i then logged in IRC. to my despair, kushal wasnt in #dgplug that day and so i couldnt expect any help from him. so i join #suse and #opensuse-gnome. when i asked my doubt in #suse, i got replies but they were unable to help as most of them used KDE as desktop manager. However i got a reply from a guy named hpj in #opensuse-gnome. and then for next about 5 hours, he tried to help me correct nautilus. it was really nice to see how a guy whom i barely knew spend so much time helping me, which made me understand why Open Source is going to rule the future. Everyone wants to learn and an easy way to learn is by teaching others. however geting back to my topic, even after spending so much time i wasnt able to repair my damaged system and i knew i will have to wait till i get fedora8 dvd.
however next morning i called up my school mate manu who is presently studying in NIT-K, and asked if he could arrange a opensuse dvd from his friends. well he surprised me by saying that he himself had the dvd which he had got along with Digit magazine. so i went to his house immediately and brought it and re-installed opensuse10.3.

however i learnt a lot of things by this venture.

  1. Never try to install files randomly, use yast. also i learnt that you can use yast thru terminal also.
  2. Also i learnt after i re-installed suse that my other drive which was also in ext3 format had all the data intact and i could easily access it. this gave me the idea that if i kept all my importent files in this drive i wouldnt loose it even if i had fucked my drive in which suse was installed. this actually is a very obvious thing and many of linux users might have known it right in their beginning days of using linux. however it took me about 8 months(during which i have installed suse around 8 times) to realize this.
  3. Everytime i re-installed suse, i had audio problem as my sound card was not recognized and some default card was used. however after some googling, i found here that apart from Alsa, i also needed to install Alsa-firmware which was needed for some older sound cards. I did as was told on the site and i got the audio working properly.

this was what i experienced in last 2 days. please note that i am still a noob at using linux, so please dont laugh at my silly but costly ventures. Also i would like to mention that i am also a noob at maintaing a blog, so please ignore any mistakes as a blogger i might have made.


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