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list of movies i have been watching and their reviews according to me

Posted on: December 31, 2007


wonderful movie with good and very serious situations. good acting by Denzel Washington(Hunter) and Gene Hackman(Captain Ramsay). I missed the starting part but still found it wonderful. should watch the movie again as soon as possible.

Beautiful story and aain aamir khan has showed his selectivity. he also made his debut as a director with this film. It is about a child who is suffering from dyslexia. The movie brings out the various problems faced by such children and how it is not even noticed by their parents. It also shows how easy it is to cure such a disease by little more attention towards the child.


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THE LAST SAMURAI—– a good movie with ood story, though i was able to see only the second half but again i liked it. will try to watcht the full movie again. Tom Cruise(Nathan Algren) and Ken Watanabe(Katsumoto) have enacted their role very well. Nathan Algren is a white man who helps and leads the tribal group headed by Katsumoto against Japanese troops. Before the starting of the war, Algren mentions the Battle of Thermopylae, in which 300 spartans resist the persians who were millions in number.

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